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Our upholstery cleaning services will take care of all the details

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Our upholstery cleaner technicians have the ability to identify different fabrics and stains and can help you make the right decision about the best way to clean your upholstery. Dreams Come True Cleaning promises great results using the most effective equipment and cleaning products on the market. They are safe for the environment and will not harm the environment.

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There are many options for upholstery cleaning and Goby Cleaning is familiar with all of them. We can either use the traditional hot water extraction method which breaks down layers upon layers, or we can use the dry-cleaning process which uses special dirt and dust absorbent powders to drastically improve the appearance and odour. No matter the item, it doesn’t really matter. All items are treated, from mattresses to sofas to curtains.
Do you have leather? No problem. All types of leather can be cleaned with our upholstery cleaning service packages. There are many cleaning solutions that upholstery technicians can use, and they are ready to handle any leather finish.

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